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Welcome to Our COMPLETE website (this website) will be back up and running hopefully in time for Christmas Shopping, full most of our catalog; Sand Toys, Bodyboards, Skimboards, Rashguards, Wax, Fins, Goggles, Towels,,, you name it and we we have it!!! We have been in the Wholesale and Retail Bodyboard, Skimboard, Paddleboard, Rashguard, Sand Toys, and Beach Accessories business Since 2001. Because we are mainly a Wholesale Beach Supplies business, we keep a huge inventory of our products in stock. We are currently (as of Septemper 2012) only selling products from our website. See Links above and below. We are an authorized Wholesale Distributor of BZ Bodyboards, Morey Bodyboards, Boogieboard Bodyboards, and Sola Bodyboards. We also are an authorized Wholesale Distributor of Morey Skimboards and Sola Skimboards. Please click the links below to enter our Wholesale Bodyboards Store if you are interested in purchasing a bodyboard, skimboard, leash, or fins, or if you are interested in becoming a BZ, Morey, Boogieboard, or Sola Dealer or purchaser. Thanks for Visiting Online-Surf-Shops, and we hope to have this website back up and running as a full retail store by the beginning of the year.



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